A Baroque Beginning

A Baroque Beginning

  • October 15, 2016 at 7:30pm

Lawrence Golan, Conductor

Our journey begins in an extravagantly ornate period, when one of the greatest composers, Antonio Vivaldi, created his best-known work—The Four Seasons. And exploring the Baroque period’s grandeur would not be complete without the music of Bach and Handel.

HANDEL: “Entrance of the Queen of Sheba” from Solomon

GLUCK: Orfeo ed Euridice
“Dance of the Furies” & “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”

BACH : Orchestral Suite No. 3 featuring the “Air on the G String”

VIVALDI: The Four Seasons
Odin Rathnam, Violin

  • Student Ticket: $5
  • Single Tickets: $9, $36, $42

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Odin Rathnam,