Mission Statement

The mission of York Symphony Orchestra is to provide live orchestral music to the people of South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland.

Vision Statement

In 2009, the leadership of York Symphony began its planning activities and created the following vision of the outcomes of its efforts.

We will bring real music to real people. Every year, we reach thousands of people, from all generations, through our concerts and education. Because our music is diverse, reflecting multiple genres, we are for everyone and our audience reflects this diversity.

We actively collaborate with other arts and culture organizations. We provide educational programs for both adults and children. Through our partnerships with the community’s educational systems, we are an active force in music education in York County. Additionally, we engage the community to advance both the cultural and social sectors.

We are well governed. Our board members function effectively and clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. We operate efficiently and optimize our funding stream. Our offices are welcoming and attractive, and we are using technology to reach people on a broad basis throughout our market area.